Cocoon Nebula Experiment

I am going to be performing an experiment over the next three days with the Cocoon Nebula.  Since the seeing is not all that good over these nights, I am going to capture images each night and put them altogether to form one image.  I will post each nights image as I complete each experiment and I will also post how many images in total were added each night.  This should allow us to see how things are impacted by the quality and quantity of images used.

August 23, 2017

19 five minute exposures using 3 minute darks

Cocoon Nebula 8-23-2017

19 five minute exposures using 5 minute darks.  You can see clear difference between the 3 minute darks photo and this photo.  Clearly, this is the way to go.

Cocoon Nebula 5 Minute Darks 8-23-2017

August 24 2017

51 five minute exposures with 10 five minute darks.  It is definitely getting better as we add more exposures to the mix.  🙂

Cocoon Nebula August 24 2017

August 25 2017

72 five minute exposures with 10 five minute darks. This is the final result of the combination of 3 nights of images.

Cocoon Nebula August 25 2017

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